Hydro Power Technical Services is a Renewable Energy Specialist Company

     our area of specialist services include


Advanced Hydro Power mapping tools allow HPTS to choose the most viable development sites across the UK, Europe, Africa and beyond

Hydro Electric Power


All hydro power developments require a detailed understanding of a site's water flow and its long-term certainty. The catchment's hydrology defines this flow

and determines the abstraction levels that will be consented. Hydrological knowledge is essential in setting the key design parameters and predicting Annual

Energy Production.

A key strength of HPTS is a detailed knowledge of catchment hydrology and the methodologies to improve upon desk-top based predictions.


HPTS maintains a portfolio of supplier lists and performance characteristics to ensure hardware costs are minimized whilst ensuring high levels of reliability and


HPTS engineers, familiar with the in-depth design parameters of critical components such as control systems, pipes and turbines, ensure that hardware performs

 as predicted and works together successfully as a complete power generation system.


From negotiating and securing grid connections to aquatic ecology impact assessments, HPTS has both internal skills and a network of UK-wide experts to ensure

 that a project is managed smoothly through the development stages.

HPTS ensures a successful development with a close process control relationship between the design and consenting teams to ensure that the final portfolio of

consents allows a successful construction and operation with minimum variation.








   HPTS signs agreement with Magnifique Integrated Services Ltd, for Feasibility Study on Hydro-Electric Plant in Kogi State, Nigeria

   The study is for a 70MW Hydro-Electric Power Generation Plant and associated Dam, Earthworks, Irrigation and Potable Water Plant.

   The project is on behalf of Winners Power Ltd in conjunction with Magnifique, HPTS and Distribution Aggregates and Construction Ltd

   Magnifique Integrated Services Ltd. is the Principal Company and D, A & C Ltd will be the In-country  EPC and Logistics Company.

   Magnifique Integrated Services Ltd. is the JV partner to Dragonfly Industries Int. LLC and have formed Dragonfly Power Nigeria Ltd.

   HPTS are appointed as In-Country Technical Partner to Dragonfly Power Nigeria Ltd. and will provide all EPC services.



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