HPTS  are please to announce the recent signing of a Technical Partnership Agreement with Distribution Aggregates and Construction Ltd who are a Project Management and Consultancy company based in Abuja Nigeria. DA&C with provide technical support and logistics to HPTS on Hydro and Power related projects

Every Hydro scheme must have a number of consents in place before obtaining financial investment and commencing construction. Core skills reside within HPTS to ensure acquisition of these consents proceeds smoothly and to schedule.

  • Impoundment

  • Abstraction

  • Flood Risk Assessment

  • Environmental statement/report

  • Planning Application

  • Grid Connection

  • Lease Agreements

HPTS design engineers and its partners are able to complete intake, penstock and tailrace design together with turbine selection to maximize the value of a site.


Coanda, Tylorean or passive wege-wire cylinder are HPTS's preferred options coupled together with environmental-friendly, robust weir and fish-pass construction.


A composite of steel and plastic pipes with low-impact anchoring techniques ensure minimal environmental impact and Civil costs whilst ensuring long term stability. Hydraulic models ensure the selection of optimum pipe size to deliver the maximum revenue from site.


urbine and generator sets are chosen to match a site's financial profile. From high-end Gilkes impulse and Ossberger cross-flow turbines to the growing number of mid-range turbines, HPTS has the engineers to choose the ideal turbine and generator sets for a given site.

Depending on the abstraction requirement, it is often important to maximise the certainty of the flow duration curve.

HPTS will install automated level monitoring stations at either natural or temporary, man-made hydraulic control sections. Coupled with direct, doppler-based river gauging methods the methodology allows a complete characterization of a site's flow regime.

Correlation with local gauging stations which have reliable long term flow duration statistics allows the 20-year long term flow duration curve to be constructed with a known certainty.










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